ANYWAY – The Game

Anyway is our first release, a fascinating platform game inspired by the global pandemic situation in 2020. Available on Steam.

You had a rough day? Nothing works out as planed? Anyway, take a break and dive in in this world.

Your mission: Get to your friends‘ station.

Explore and jump your way through the world, collect berries and fight enemies. But be aware, there are some rules and those will change. One day you can go jump much higher and another day you can’t? That is a pity. Looks like you need to find another path…but anyway.

Anyway is a 2D side-scrolling Jump-and-Run game that finds Alien Manni exploring the jungle of his home planet from the treetops to the roots, collecting berries and overcoming obstacles and enemies,

all this while being exposed to restricting rules to curb the spreading of an unknown disease. Anyway, his goal is to reach his goal with as many berries as possible.

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